I hereby declare this blog officially Not Dead

Oh hello friends! I sincerely apologize for taking so many weeks off. In that time, I assure you I have been busy.

I completed another lap around the sun.



I saw my brother-in-law graduate from the Willamette University School of Law.

Rob's graduation card from Matilda.

Rob’s graduation card from Matilda.

for dummiesI read this book. Officially there’s a Dummies book for everything.

autoimmuneIt’s not the first book I’ve picked up about Endo, but it’s the place where I have learned the very most. There are surgical options I did not know about (duly noted for when I see my Dr. next), tons of information on all the symptoms and causes for them, approaching it as an autoimmune problem, and even has a chapter for your loved ones– on how to best support a woman with a chronic pain disease that you cannot see. I learned just how typical I actually am. It seems to particularly afflict taller-than-average, thinner-than-average ladies, with certain kinds of moles, it is often first misdiagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and it takes on average 7-10 years for a woman to get the right diagnosis. I’m tall, all kinds of moles, and I had pegged my diagnosis time at about 8 years (all the way through high school and college) but the bit about Irritable Bowel makes me re-evaluate. See, I missed half of 5th grade at home with IBS. And if that was indeed the earliest of my endo, my diagnosis took closer to 12 years.

In March, I adopted the Endometriosis Diet. You can also look it up under “Anti-inflammatory Diet.” I am thrilled to say it has helped, I am no longer having cramps every day. Isn’t that a melancholy place to be– where victory isn’t ending pain, it’s getting through one day without it. I’ve got lots of more observations and information here.

Lastly, I’m sure you’ve been craving Matilda pictures. I just got a smart phone (Woo hoo Galaxy S4!) so now I can use it to take decent pictures when my camera is not handy. Like this one:

peekabooHappy napping!


I said no excuses, and I’m making good on it. ART CRAFT ART CRAFT DRINK CRAFT MORE

5/30 Rainy Sunrise over Mt. Hood

In solidarity with Nanowrimo writers, I’m doing my own creative challenge this month. While they tappety-tap their way to 50,000 words in November, I will create 30 new pieces of art or craft. We’re nearing our deadline, and although they don’t have to show their words to anyone, I’m happily sharing my creations with you, dear readers.

The bulk of my work has been in watercolors…

6/30 Another One With Grapes

I had a lot of fun with this one. I used a small plastic cap like a stamp. I like that they look like coffee table rings.

7/30 colored glass globe vase

My other medium-of-the-month has been especially cheap as craft projects go. It also has allowed me to fancify various glass vessels that I’ve collected. It was a project that I picked up from Pinterest. I had all the supplies already, how could I not try it?

Glass stuff, check.

Mod Podge (glossy), check.

Food coloring, check.

This was my first piece, it’s actually a vase from our wedding! I brushed a couple coats of blue on it, then went back with additional blue and green and made it textured by dabbing it with crumpled plastic wrap. I was thrilled with the outcome (I had been pretty skeptical) so I kinda went nuts with it… My windows are full of beautiful colored glass, and I didn’t have to buy anything!

8-10/30 wee little bottles for flower buds or oil diffusers

8-10/30 wee little bottles for flower buds or oil diffusers

11-16/30 Craft items of November.

Prettiest bottle of Jack ever, huh? I mean, other than a brand new full bottle. 😉 This used to be full of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey–aka this winter’s designated booze. It’ll warm you up and get you into trouble. Plus it’s great inspiration for arts and crafts. I’ve got a few other ideas for glass painting to round out the month. Plus I bought some gouache to experiment with. For now I’ll leave you wondering what that is and how you say it.

In the meantime, check out my shop, huh? Free Shipping for Cyber Monday… maybe even through the end of the month.

choose your colors, themes, motif, designs, style, whatever!

I’m now taking custom orders on holiday cards– just contact me to discuss how many cards and what your budget is. My embroidered cards are consistently a huge hit with family. For now, I’m off to craft myself a latte and maybe paint a bit. You’ll see.

Thank you, as always, for reading. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. It means the world to me that you follow my silly stories and pictures.