I think I was just punked by a piping bag


Well too bad, Mat. You already have a bone, the peoples will eat cake.

Oh yes, we’ve been eating cake.

I received a set of cake decorating tools for Christmas, so I broke them in this weekend for a birthday party. It even comes with a slick wire slicer that gave me miraculously even slabs of cake that I stacked as you see here. The filling is chocolate buttercream icing mixed with Nutella. Yeah, I take my cake seriously.

I’d like to take a brief pause here for the requisite explanation that I have to give with all my baked goods. Sort of “It started out as…”

There’s a blog that I go to for entertainment purposes, CakeWrecks. It is a never-ending fountain of cakes that make mine look like a million dollars. I particularly have fondness for the misspellings (Congradulations on your weeding!)  and I NEVER grow tired of misunderstandings of a customer’s special requests.

So it was with full intention that I decided to make an homage cake wreck.

Look at my fabulous piping work! Seamless. I’m a master. Put that in your cake-hole, Food Network.

Much like my life, this story is actually just a string of punchlines. See, I most certainly did write this with Cake Wreck Intentions. What is it they say about good intentions? They pave the road to making an ass out of me? You may have noticed the I is far too large. Want should be scaled down too. I got so distracted thinking about how I didn’t leave enough room for sprinkles that not only did I forget to write in cursive, well, what I did should be obvious.

Luckily, I think it’s also obvious that this vanilla and chocolate fudge layer cake (filled with Nutella cream and frosted with Kahlua chocolate icing) is a big fat delicious success. Plus, I didn’t use all of the new cake decorating tools, so there are plenty more frosting escapades to come.

Thanks for laughing with me (or at me, whatever). I’m starting a new Poi lesson series at the studio this week, I hope to have pictures or video soon. I am preparing a pile of new cards and art to be listed in my Etsy store, so stay tuned.