Feminists don’t have a sense of humor, an evenhanded exaggeration

wpid-2014-10-03-10.34.54.jpg.jpegThis is a little of my handiwork this week. For when someone says “I don’t remember the title of what I was reading, but it had a blue cover…” Those books needed to be organized, one way or another. This is easier than alphabetical or genre, and way more eye-catching. I was really pleased with the response from my students. I think it makes the books a little easier to browse, at least for reluctant readers.


This is a little something I created for the teacher I’m working with this term. With the “help” of the worst thesaurus ever. One synonym for teach? Really? Educate, yes. But how about instruct, enlighten, tutor, coach, discipline, inform, explain, nurture, profess, illustrate, school, guide, or mentor?

…said the English teacher.

wpid-20140910_164751.jpgI hope you enjoyed the movies in the last post. At the risk of setting a precedent I cannot maintain, here’s another digital storytelling project. Returning readers know that I’m not shy about sharing my experience with endometriosis. This blog has been home to plenty of words and pictures that I’ve created in non-pharmaceutical therapy for my pain and frustration. Occasionally, I have hesitated to be “too open” about it. And then I remembered, whatever, it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want, just like I always have. I threw TMI into the wind and allowed myself to be vulnerable, and the response has been positive, sympathetic, even grateful.

I’m not the only one you know dealing with this, I’m just the loudest. I’ve moved from wordless art to various writings, but now I’ve got words and pictures and music. I offer this little digital piece for endo sisters and all those who love them.

Please share!


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