Something true, which will remind the viewer of what matters most in life

Enough science and food talk for now. Time to do some art.

I have been doing a lot of water color painting lately. It’s still really challenging for me. But I picked up something a little less messy and easier to blend dark shades: watercolor pencils. They draw just like colored pencils, but just add water and you can soften and smooth the shading lines and brighten the colors.


I really like colored pencils for illustrations, but I always wanted them to have more saturated color, which I can achieve now with the watercolor stuff.

This was shamelessly inspired by a vintage illustration. I was aiming for Matilda colors but I think it’s a passable Siamese, too.


Now taking nominations for the name.

This one has been in the back of my mind for a while now (har har har), I’ve wanted to do some personification of pain. I was recently “helped” with an attack and this was my result:


Mad Madam Migraine

And here is the really fun one.

I put out a request on Facebook for something I should draw one evening. The immediate first response was from Ruth, (a very fine artist) who suggested:

Something true, which will remind the viewer of what matters most in life,

what brings significance to our existence as humans

and illuminates our struggles with beauty and meaning.

No pressure. So I thought and thought, and then I thought:



Because I am just that irreverent and had only a 4×6 inch page to work on.

Ben came in second, nominating himself as the subject of my doodling.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I ended up with this gem:

wpid-2013-08-27-11.40.58.pngThree cheers for collaborative art!

Thanks, as always, for checking in on my little corner of the interweb.


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