“Tooth paste” should be called “tooth polish,” and “nail polish” should be called “paint”

nail polish 1Hello again, friends. Thanks for returning after my last mushy post. As a thank you and to drastically change the subject, I’d like to share with you some of my recent fun little projects. I’ll get back to the nail paint in a minute.

Project 1:

My new BBQ essential. A table-top marshmallow roasting station.

wpid-20130704_172534.jpgWhen your barbecue coals get small, take out a few and put them in a terracotta pot lined with foil. Crinkle some foil in a larger pot. This is about enough insulation to keep the outside from getting too hot to move with your hands.

Skewers, marshmallows. You know the rest.

Project 2:

The drawer where I keep my nail polish. Pinterest would tell me to put spice racks on the wall or door. Or use one of those dumb plastic things with pockets for shoes or whatever.  That all takes time, money, and effort. Plus, the example pictures you find are all comprised of one or two brands. Mine are all different sizes. They’re just in a mess in a drawer. Rather, they were just a mess. Until I thought of an answer super-fast, basically free, and done in minutes.

nail polish 2I cut toilet paper rolls into 3 or 4 pieces and stapled them together in groups of 4 or 6. You’ll notice that I didn’t staple them all together. Leaving them unattached makes them more flexible and accommodating of all those different bottles. Even ones in pen form. I can open and close the drawer and they don’t fall over.

nail polish 3 There you have it. One cubic foot of my life is in astounding order.

Project 3:

Venus fly trap. (Like I said, today is a drastic departure from my usual posts.)

A few days ago I bought this wee little carnivorous plant. It was a perfect time to come into my life, as that evening I was greeted in my bathroom by a big black super-fast scurrying spider. I made Emily catch it in a cup, and we “fed” it.

venus fly trapI’ve been fascinated with it, and yes I have poked it a couple times just to make it snap shut.

I contacted another business about showing my art, so cross your fingers that they like my stuff. I’ll keep you posted.  To sign off today, I offer you this picture I snapped the other night while watching a Nature special about lions. Matilda climbed on my lap (she likes watching big cats) and I caught this face:


The call of the wild.


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