You may have noticed it’s wedding season

That means that it’s also anniversary season.

And that’s how I’m justifying a totally self-indulgent post for the 4th anniversary of

The Wedding.

The other WK wedding

I can see it now, the face you try to hide when a woman says

“Let me tell you how my wedding was the best thing ever ever ever!!”

No, please. Go on.

So I’ll start with something universally appealing. Cake. Don’t trust anybody who doesn’t like cake.

We got this tower of deliciousness from the wildly capable hands of Myriad Cake Design in Salem. Each level was a different flavor cake and filling (like white chocolate cake with raspberry filling, espresso cake with chai frosting…) and for our first anniversary she made us a fresh top tier–instead of that tradition of year-old frozen cake. I didn’t realize how many traditions are tied up in tying the knot… I puzzled over a few, and gladly ignored the bulk.

So, sorry* if you were upset that our wedding invitations were not the same colors as our wedding. Or if you were lost because we didn’t make a seating chart. Or if you desperately wanted my garter or bouquet.

Pipple's Wedding Proofs 114

*I’m not sorry. I love colors, I dislike organizing, it’s my garter, and my bouquet was big enough to knock your ass out. Look at that, it doesn’t even fit in the frame of this shot.

But it’s still smaller than the heart of the man on my arm here. That sharp gentleman walked the aisle 38 years ago this month, on the hottest day of the year (much like ours).

Pipple's Wedding Proofs 047

Mom scoffed at me when I thanked her for modeling a successful marriage for me. But seriously, they have pulled each other through sickness and health, through good times and hard, and raised two pretty cool people in the process. I never ever feared that my parents would split up, and I know that’s a blessing not everyone gets.

Pipple's Wedding Proofs 045Likewise Bill’s parents would shrug off such compliments, but I’ll say them anyway. They still crush on each other like newly weds. Because when a Pippel man finds the woman for him, he will go to any length for her, for ever. They showed him that marriage is one long adventure in love, 32 years next month.

Pipple's Wedding Proofs 163Enough mushy stuff. We have another thing going for us that we learned from our parents: a healthy sense of humor. No, scratch that. An unhealthy sense of humor. So much humor it bubbles over into unfunny things. We laugh at ourselves, we laugh at each other. And somehow we find ourselves laughing in the face of adversity; cancer, depression, epilepsy, and endometriosis. On a smaller scale (and more on topic) laughter was the soundtrack at Portland’s White House for our party. Our vows were full of jokes, our officiant was full of wine, and our clever friends showered us with toasts that elicited a lot of laughing out loud.

Pipple's Wedding Proofs 279

Pipple's Wedding Proofs 254

Pipple's Wedding Proofs 268Those blurry orange things were one of the best ideas ever. It was crazy-hot of course, but I thought ahead and got paper fans in orange, white, and green. With my wonderful friends, we painted daisies on them. It made the heat bearable so we could laugh that much harder. Plus since they were all different original paintings, people had a great time choosing out their favorites. I’ve never seen people respond so positively to wedding favors. Good thing I ordered them plenty early, because I got a surprise…


150 paper LANTERNS. For 10 seconds I thought “Well our wedding theme just changed drastically….” and then I hopped on the phone and made a big fuss over it. Like I mentioned, I ordered them with plenty of time to sort out the mistake…. but I didn’t tell THEM that. I put on a Bridezilla veil, just to see how it felt.

I’ve gotten word that many of the fans got extended use after the wedding– very useful for summer car rides. By now, the colors are fading (they are cheap paper, after all) but the hand painted flowers remain. I kept a few here on our wedding-shrine.


wpid-2013-07-16-18.16.49.pngHere, a page from our wedding scrapbook that Jess created with more work and love than even our “photographer” put forth. This was an overwhelming gift, and looking at it always makes me feel surrounded with joy. It was a better wedding than I ever imagined was possible, and I have to thank all our family and friends for their love and support, before the wedding and beyond. So I raise a glass of champagne to you all and say again,

Pipple's Wedding Proofs 182

 “With you, I know today is the happiest I have ever been,

but not the happiest I will ever be.”


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  1. Diane said,

    July 26, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Ah, so much happy and so much love! One of the funnest and most memorable weddings ever. mad love to you two.

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