More reasons to love where I live and the fluffy I live with

Hello again, friends!wpid-20130615_180618.jpg

I’ve been out and about lately. I’m pleased to be back at the blog to report the good times. I kicked off my summer with a weekend trip to Newport, Oregon. I was fueled by nothing but seafood, beer, saltwater taffy, and the laughter of my awesome cousins (hey, ONE of those things is on my diet). It might have started as a small family trip, but it snowballed into a gathering of our own little Rogue Nation boasting reps from several of our family tree tribes: Davises, Johnstons, Duzenacks, Clarks, Uleps, from Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Nebraska, 4 generations.

Good people to know, I’ll introduce you sometime.

I’ve lived in Oregon for ten years, but I spent my formative years in the comparative desert of Idaho, so I’m still totally enthralled by the ocean and other soggy parts of the west coast. If I’m still overwhelmed by the greenery of winter here, imagine how I was when I figured out sea urchins come in pretty colors and starfish like pool toys!


wpid-20130616_122605.jpgWe visited the Hatfield Marine Science Center, where I was allowed to poke anemones, get sea urchin hugs, and feed seaweed to an abalone. We learned about estuaries, dug up shrimp from the mud flats, and thoroughly worked up an appetite.


 In true Oregon fashion, you’re never far from your favorite things– essentially next door to the Science Center is the Headquarters for Rogue. It’s possible I’ve mentioned their products before.


It’s possible we set up this photo.

And if all that wasn’t already a recipe for a totally happy trip, I got to do yet another one of my favorite things for some of my favorite people. Newportpoi

Spinning poi on the coast at night with a great audience made up not just of my family, but some strangers who wandered over to see too. It’s my new favorite stretch of beach to spin on– perfectly flat and stable, not a lot of overflow light from the buildings nearby, and with waves gentle enough we got some pictures with me calf-deep in water, the reflections are delightful (har har get it? Delightful?).

I’ll have those to share in the next post. For now here’s a nice one with my Death Stars. Or as I like to think of them, the Great Balls o Fire. When I did wade in the water with them, the combined light of the poi plus the reflections was so bright I felt blinded. I actually thought at 10 at night, “Damn I should have brought sunglasses!” But as I said, those pics to come…

In the meantime, I’d like to direct you to a re-post. It’s one of my favorite stories to tell, and it’s one of my most popular blog posts (but bear in mind I do re-post for every anniversary).

wpid-2013-06-23-14.22.36.pngPossible story titles include:

Matilda’s Grand Adventure.

Thirty Days of Solitude.

All She Ever Wanted Was to Poop Outside.

More Reasons Salem Friends of Felines is my Favorite.



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