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Oh, hello there! Have I been asleep for a month? Or have I just neglected my blog? For better or worse, I have not been sleeping for a month. But I have been busy, and although I haven’t been present digitally, I have kept my dear readers in mind. So here’s some good news from 2013 thus far:

At Bare Bones Cafe, SE Belmont

At Bare Bones Cafe, SE Belmont.

I hope you take an opportunity this month to check out Bare Bones Cafe, where my art bag exploded on the back walls. No less than 9 of the pieces on display have never been seen by the public. In this picture alone there are 4 paintings that have never even hung on a wall. There are a few watercolors no one has seen. Plus all three of my big collages– Paris, Portland (with nicely placed lighting and seating!) and Mt. Hood.



Like many Portlanders, I’m totally in love with Mt. Hood. It’s a different kind of beautiful every day, and I’ve got easily 10 pieces based on it (you can see 5 just in these pics). A couple years ago there was an art show organized just to showcase Mt. Hood art– imagine my excitement! I submitted my Mt. Hood Collage gleefully;  and against all rules of fairness in the universe, it was not accepted. Imagine my broken heart! Well, I’m happy to say that my collage has been officially introduced to all of Portland, thanks to Willamette Week and their “I Made This” feature for local art.


Short of being on the front cover, I couldn’t have asked for better newspaper real estate. Next to the crosswords and sexy ladies? Yes please. Thanks, Willamette Week. This was a big deal for me; a vote of confidence I have desperately needed.

mix coconut tartSpeaking of things that are desperately needed– here’s a scrumptious little picture I snapped when I was in Ashland for the holidays. Mix Sweet Shop is a must-do when you visit downtown. This coconut tart is the stuff of dreams, Mimi can corroborate. Never have mother-and-daughter-in-law made such inappropriate satisfied moans as when we shared this confection.

em bday 2013

Nobody makes confections and inappropriate moans quite like Emily, who shared this awesome cookies-and-cream cake with us for her birthday. Between Emily and Holly we had 3 kinds of cupcakes for Jeff’s birthday/Superbowl. And for Bill’s birthday I made chocolate cake with coconut cream filling. It’s been pretty sweet around here.

Lastly for today, here is a peek at a watercolor I’ve just finished. I’ve been busy with brushes too, lately. So you’ll have those to look forward to.

birch preview

For now, I say Happy Monday and I hope this finds you well. Thanks!


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