Good thing the world didn’t end, I just bought new paint and brushes

dcember lithiaGreetings from Lithia Park of Ashland, Oregon. It’s lovely out today– especially for so late in December. Which reminds me, it’s nearing the end of December and I haven’t finished showing you the fruits of my Art-vember challenge.

27/30 watercolor pencil key, 28/30 painted mini glass jar

27/30 watercolor pencil key, 28/30 painted mini glass jar

Much like my experiences participating in Nanowrimo, I learned a lot from creating 30 arts in 30 days. Not the least of which being that if I want to, I can. I’m so glad I experimented with watercolors. I created and ate some really wonderful food. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed painting glass and now I have plans for really fun pieces.

nano candles

29/30 trio of candle holders. Any Ducks fans out there? They hold tealights, or turn them over and they hold tapers.

Got another in my ongoing series of Things I’ve Actually Seen. Reminds me of barely-legible Sharpie tags like “Hale Satin!”

30/30 The Plight of the Illiterate Graffiti Artist

30/30 The Plight of the Illiterate Graffiti Artist

So I’m quite pleased with myself. Plus, I was cosmically rewarded for my hard work and creativity. It is not uncommon around here to see things left on sidewalks with “free” signs. I have scored really good things this way. Last summer I got a barbeque. And during my Thanksgiving walk with Emily and Maty, we found this lamp leaning against a mailbox. The note said FREE, and that it works just fine but the base is light so it tends to tip over. Big deal, I put it in a corner with a chair in front of it.

NanoArtMo Prize!

My NanoArtMo Prize!

If I get a prize for making this stuff, you get a prize for keeping up on the journey. Bonus art! Also, if any of my creations really called out to you, let me know. It’s Christmastime, after all.

nano kittynose

I wish you all safe travels this week, even if the party is at your house this year. You’ll still have to drive to the grocery store sometime, and there’s crazy people out there! If you’re somewhere cold, here’s a bit of sunshine.

december sun


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