More fruits from the crafty tree — or, my month in art continues.

nano necklace

NanoArtMo item 22/30

nano gift wrap


Hello again, friends! As promised, I’ll now share the remaining accomplishments of my New Art NO matter What Reasons I Make Otherwise. Well, I’ll share most of them. 22 and 23 are presents and I don’t want to give it away before I… give them away, you know?

However, I will tell you all about my turkey pot pies. I’ll be making this a Thanksgiving tradition. This beats the stuffing out of cold turkey sandwiches.

In the interest of full disclosure, I cannot claim full and total credit for the deliciousness of these pies. I was armed with my favorite pie crust recipe and a bounty of leftovers fashioned by Tony’s hands. He did the cooking magic– I just rearranged the ingredients.

nano pot pie

24/30 best pot pie EVAR

I lined the 6 cups of my oversize muffin pan with rolled out pie dough. Then I put a couple tablespoons of turkey, a spoon of gravy, a scoop of stuffing, and more gravy.
I did not include mashed potatoes for two reasons: I didn’t want the pies to get too mushy, even though they’re half full of stuffing. But mostly because there are rarely ever mashed potatoes left after I’ve had Thanksgiving dinner, and that was totally the case this year.

So instead I thinly sliced some red potatoes and simmered them in creme with sage until they were mostly cooked through. Then I layered those on top of the pies with a little more gravy. That’s right, potatoes au gratin in a pot pie! I had some extra pie crust so I put dough hearts on top.

There, Martha. Stick that in your oven and broil it.

…Actually I baked them at 350 for like 45 minutes. And then I enjoyed them for like three days.

nano blue tilda

25/30 Oh Hai Kitty!

Back to the classical definition of art…. the stuff with a paintbrush. And in these cases, watercolors.

blossoms branch

26/30 cherry blossoms… again

Ok I’m going to tease out this topic into yet one more post. The remaining Nano arts are yet to come. I hope this finds you well, and if you’re like me (and already beginning holiday travel) do be careful, and thanks as always.


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