I may not be the maddest hatter, but I always have a sugar bowl handy

Good morning, or afternoon, or whenever it is wherever you are. I hope where you are is dry and calm. May I offer you a spot of tea from my newly acquired tea service? Lovely, right? And like so many acquisitions, it’s extra special because I got it for basically the change in my pocket. My Halloween costume this year is the Mad Hatter, so I’ve been on the prowl lately for tea paraphernalia.

Speaking of things that prowl, here’s the fluffiest thing in my life, who has been relishing my use of tons of ribbon lately. This is not just currently her favorite toy, it is her Halloween costume. She’s spaghetti and meatball.

But I digress. I spent about a week checking second-hand stores and costume shops, to disappointing results. I  had no luck finding a top-hat of any sort, never mind finding one of comically large size. Credit goes to the Tigard Flea Market where I found a comically small hat that is perfect for this 9-piece itty-bitty tea set.  Perhaps it needs some perspective:

teacup fits inside a size 9 ring

Isn’t that one of the cutest things ever? I came across a box of doll house furnishings, and was practically giggling while I made a small pile of treasures that had to come home with me. I even defended my stash, like a penguin with eggs, from a too-eager scavenger who walked in behind me. No, those are mine. Yes, all of them. Yes, I am a good picker. No seriously those are mine. Lady, get me a bag.

It’s all come together beautifully, especially for a first time haberdasher. You will love the pictures. Just not today. For now, I wish you a Happy and safe Halloween. Maty does, too.

Why are you leaving? You just got here!


1 Comment

  1. October 30, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Love spaghetti & meatball! Happy Halloween

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