Let’s talk Etsy and Pinterest, like good little crafty people.

Like so many of my fellow artsy/craftsy/foodsy/teachery people, I have jumped on the Pinterest wagon. It’s no news that I’m a lot better at starting projects than finishing them. So, I’ve made a definite effort to follow through on my pins. It’s how I justify the evenings I binge on those boards.

One such project was these itty bitty candles. A former roommate made a set of candles, and since it was much cheaper to buy candle wax in large amounts, there was a sizeable amount of leftover wax and wicks. I’m also a bit of a drinker, so I have a sizeable stash of bottlecaps, too. I had literally no reason to NOT do this project. I think we’re done entertaining on the deck for the year– we’ve begun the rainy season of the Pacific Northwest– but I am looking forward to using them for poi performances and fire photo shoots.

I have used tea light candles for these purposes before, and though I can get dirt cheap tea lights at Ikea, there’s no comparison. After a performance, I often can’t leave the candles to fully cool, so they become a mess of wax in a bag and really not reliable after that.

I lit a couple the other night and yes, they do last an hour. And the most amazing part is how far that much wax goes. I used between 1 and 2 cups of liquid wax and it yielded 60 candles.

Speaking of fire photo shoots, I had one! I’m always looking for photographers that would like to try fire pics. Believe it or not, it’s taken a long time to find one interested enough, patient enough, and versatile enough to give poi photography a real try. Rick Clark is one such guy, and he came up with really stellar images.

I am still hoping to find a home for this costume before Halloween. I’d wear it myself, but I haven’t been that size since… I was… I dunno, 9? I exaggerate. But seriously, it’s for a petite person and will win you so many Awesome Points for wearing a totally one of a kind costume.

I just reduced its price in my shop. I’ve also listed my Halloween cards for individual purchases rather than as sets. I’ll ship them the same day you order them.

In the meantime, I’m going to finish up my own costume for Halloween. I can’t wait to have pictures, I’m sure you will love them. I’ve taken my first stab at haberdashery so I can be the Mad Hatter.

As always, thanks for reading!


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