Tis the season, the spooking season. Cats pop out from nowhere, and spiders attack your coffee

Did you know we’re almost half way through October? I had no idea! I could have sworn it was still September. Up until two days ago we had blue skies and warm weather, and now it is ye olde standard Oregon rainy grey. But it’s okay. If you can’t be busy outside, be busy inside. And I most certainly have.

A layered ensemble of skirt, bustle belt, and coin belt. Demands to be shimmied, and can be found right here.

I’ve been doing so much sewing lately it’s silly. I’ve made some pretty awesome stuff. Just like so many appliances, my Janome sewing machine does great work but occasionally it argues with me. When I was perusing the manual I noticed this page. It wasn’t my imagination, my machine IS talking to ME. It’s like how cat’s “ask for” Meow Mix “by name.”

You could also call ME an “audible pip.”

Speaking of Meow Mix, my meow has been mixing it up lately by varying exactly how early she yowls for breakfast (could be two hours early, will probably happen two hours after, too) and by doing what I call “playing explorer.” In internet words, she’s exercising her “If I fits, I sits” rule.

Inside a closet, after crawling under one box and vaulting over another. The only 6 square inches of open floor in the closet and it must be covered by her butt.

Yes I saw the empty basket, but this box had important looking stuff in it. I’m important, so I’m in it too.

No, I haven’t seen your guitar case. But would you like to tour my new kitty condo? It contours to your fluffy.

Seriously though, when she’s not in my way I’ve been making some pretty cool clothes. Costume stuff really, just in time for Halloween. I’m most proud of my Briar Rose goes to Mardi Gras costume and I would rock it out for Halloween myself but I grew out of that dress size when I was like, 13.

The veils at the bottom attach to the wrists, but my model is stubborn at best. One pose.

What’s that? You want me to combine my affection for coffee, Halloween, and accessorizing all in one thing? DONE. Also can be found in my shop.

So, if you have any costuming needs that your friendly neighborhood seamstress can help with, let me know ok? In the meantime, enjoy a warm beverage and start thinking spooky thoughts. Thanks for staying with me. Cheers!


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