Knit it, sew it, draw it, glue it

Your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s a new blog post! I’ve have been busy creating many fun things. However, none of them included knitting except for this photo. This 29 cent booklet is part of a box that I consider a of a treasure chest. As you can see, Matilda considers it a lovely place to curl up and give the occasional dirty look.

Actually, up until the point where the box was empty enough to accommodate Her Fluffiness, she was right there pawing through envelopes with Emily and I. My parents visited, and they came with gifts. For me, my Mom brought 3 boxes of vintage patterns that span several decades. For Matilda, she brought fabric scraps. We were (still are) totally pleased.

Seriously, these clothing patterns go way back.

I am now equipped to sew a stack of baby clothes, or a gaggle of pants, and a flock of house-dresses. It’s a great progression of fashion. In the face of sheer volume, it was important to take note of the little things. The penny-and-a-half postage rates, the $.75 price tags, and good-old-fashioned social bluntness.

8 1/2 chubbie

I’ve been able to put real work into sewing jobs (commissioned through Etsy!) partly because I’m no longer working with my little monsters artists. But they did not hold back on farewell cards and such, so you can look forward to more kid art even though I won’t be serving time teaching there anymore. I had a few Proud Teacher Moments during my last days there this summer. A note from one student was just “You gave me great ideas” and I felt like putting on a crown. Heck yeah I did.

My other moment was one of those discoveries that can’t ever be planned for. I was fidgeting with the cap from my water bottle, playing with the little ring under the cap. One of my students came up to investigate and watched me turning the plastic pieces between my fingers.

“What are you going to make?” she asked.

My honest impulse was of course, oh nothing I’m just fidgeting with this trash— but I caught myself in time.
“I don’t know yet,” and I held it out to her. “Can you think of something?”

Yes, of course she could. It was worth the hot glue gun burns to see her first impulse on something so trivial be one of creativity. They looked like bug antennae to her, and since we’re both #1 fans of ladybugs, it had to go this way.



  1. Diane said,

    September 17, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    ❤ !!! Lady big art is the best.

  2. Diane said,

    October 2, 2012 at 2:53 pm



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