Feeling lucky– my own four leaf clover and other good news

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear by now, let me address this: I’m crazy about the flowers in our yard. It’s going to break my heart to move away from the irises and hydrangeas and roses and peonies… and lilacs.

I clipped a big fragrant stem of lilacs and while I was huffing gently sniffing it, I noticed a flower with 5 petals instead of the standard 4. I had my own little game of horticultural Where’s Waldo and found several more over-achieving blossoms. Then jackpot– I giggled with glee when I found this 6 petal lilac. It’s my version of a 4 leaf clover. Smells better, too.

I have another reason to feel lucky. My loving husband recently donned the velvet robe/cap/hood of high academia and walked the line to claim his JD degree. The weather was perfect (no one melted or fainted from the heat of those gowns, and the audience sat in the shade), the speaker was engaging and easy to relate to despite being a rock star of the lawyer community.

We had a delightful pot luck at the house and as usual our friends came with delicious goodies. I made everyone’s favorite mac and cheese– and deep fried it. Emily baked me a birthday cake that was not just allergy-friendly, but scrumptious. Fresh fruit, classy salad, wine, beer… a good time all around.

What else? Believe it or not I still have two weeks until the last day of school in this district. Sometimes in the afternoon it feels like recess alone takes two weeks. Anyway, stop asking about the end-of-school-squirrely kids. We’re not close enough to the end, you’re just teasing me.

This means I’ll have plenty of time to make Fine Art with my little Picassos. For example:

First I put polka dots on the Hunchback’s shorts underwear. Then my co-artist colored his shirt and gave him a bow tie. I gave him an anchor tattoo, she gave him roller skates. I gave him a pet spider, she gave the spider a place for “emergency pee poo.” You like? Wait til I show you the portrait we colored of Shrek and his family.


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