Playground Dr’s diagnoisis: Malignant Boredom -or- Don’t care if I fit, I’m still gonna sit

Handmade Squirrel House by Mimi, in my kitchen window

Latest gem from the playground:

Kid 1 has been complaining about feeling sick, but is struggling to describe it better than I feel weird in my tummy, and tries “It feels like maybe… I have like, Kansas.”

Kid 2: You mean… cancer?

Kid 1: Yeah! Yeah Miss Pip I think maybe I have cancer!

Luckily there are times when the kids are happy AND healthy, and feeling creative. It started with a picture of Maty playing fetch in the snow.

But now he is valiantly pulling a water boat. Because he has so much energy he defies physics! Completely plausible to those who know him– this 10 year old has found the Fountain of Puppyhood.

Been busy in the kitchen too, of course. Last week I did what one might call Lazy Kebabs. I’ve used rosemary twigs in place of skewers before and totally loved it. So this time while I let the steaks sit in a dry rub, I seasoned the inside too.

So if you get your hands on some fresh rosemary, try it. Take off all the needles–trust me, it still works. Plus then you’ve got all those loose rosemary leaves to chop up and put on potatoes or meat or bread or carrots or…

I’ve been overdue to share my stories with you. I know I miss the cat very much when I am away from her. So for your kitty fix, here’s my little Fluff Muffin.

Oh, were you using this?


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