A moment of self-reflection: Do your pants fit? How are you progressing cognitively?

Well how about that for slightly random yet educational art. All the labeling is what really makes it for me. Also the little walking platform Matilda would LOVE this spaceship. She wants me to mention that her birthday is coming up this summer.

Oh, um, how long have you been standing there?

A couple moments from work:

Kid: Miss Pip, you should wear a belt.
Me: Yeah? Why, are my pants falling down?
Kid: Yes!
Me: That’s because you’re hanging on them like a koala. Go play on the swings.

After tying a string to the cardboard tube, kid takes a couple laps, swinging arms and all…finishes with a sigh,

When will I finally be old enough to know I can’t fly a kite in the cafeteria??*

Speaking of the little monsters, it’s time for my pre-work double espresso. Nobody has more energy at the end of a full day of school than these kids.

Yeah very funny give Miss Pip her camera back now. Now. NOW.

*Incidentally, her answers were: 5th grade, 7th grade, or college.


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