Art, coffee, flowers, and cat? I have covered my favorite topics in one post again!

Oh hi there! This is me and one of my temporary cats.* Meow.

Here is the only remaining evidence of our first spring flowers, crocuses that have since been frozen to death. Spring break around here has looked an awful lot like Winter break. A bit more winter than winter was, I think.

I spent most of the week working during normal hours of the day. Kids gotta do something for Spring Break, so we took ours to John’s Incredible Pizza. I was nervous at first about going to a pizza restaurant/arcade place on account of all the time I spent in Chuck E. Cheese’s during high school. I prepared myself for a PTSD attack, but was pleasantly surprised to find this place had been designed by a genius instead of masochist so I quite enjoyed my time.

Our grand tour included a walk through the kitchen– I took a pass on that part. No way to make that tolerable, no reason to ruin my day.

On my one day of “vacation” I tried out a new-to-me cafe with 3 of my friends. Happy to report that Marino’s Cafe in SE Portland is delightful, and they regularly have live belly dance performances, so they’re definitely worth noting.

*Not to be confused with my permanent cat.

In other news, I’m pleased to report that I’ll be dropping off my Portland Collage to be included in April’s show at the 100th Monkey Studio. It opens this Friday night with a book reading and lots of happy faces and beautiful art.

Maybe I’ll wear one of my new handmade conversation-piece cocktail rings. Direct from a 6 year old.


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  1. April 2, 2012 at 11:11 am

    We’re so glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to our John’s INcredible Pizza Company location in Beaverton, OR, and we ADORE your new Conversation Piece Cocktail Ring 🙂

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