Don’t haiet the player, haiet the game (of life)

graffiti of the youth

Hello? Is anyone there? I know I’ve been conspicuously absent these last couple weeks. I thought that having a new job with regular predictable hours would bring just a small splinter of regular predictable-ness into my life. That’s what I get for thinking.

I have been working more hours than anticipated, have put in some considerable time on several art projects, done a little dancing, and have been absent from the internet while trying to deal with Life’s Surprises. Thank you to everybody who’s been here for us this Out Of Control March (and Left-Footed February, and WTF January).

And though my keyboard has been silent, I have kept my readers in mind. I have my camera and notebook handy. So, one thing I’ve been wanting to gush about:

Soup! There have been literally hours of simmering happening here. I caught this story on the radio, and in culinary coincidence found out the next day that the nearest grocery store has a freezer full of beef soup bones. If you’re going to be serious about soup then you gotta start with stock instead of broth. The difference?* Broth is made by boiling meat. Stock is made with the addition of bones (and in my case, loads of herbs and vegetables).

Drawing on my reserve of pure homemade beef stock has yielded nothing but warm fuzzies and good news. Leek and potato soup sounds like dinner for a pauper, but it tasted expensive and filling and thick despite being cheap and full of vegetables and not actually any cream. I just enjoyed some truly stellar minestrone– which I think is Italian for “whatever’s in the cupboard” with truly little effort. 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, cans of corn/peas/beans etc, and stelline pasta. Lentils and rice get elevated to legitimately exciting food. Also the house smells AMAZING.

Here is a sneak peek at one wee little piece of my newest big honking collage. Cross your fingers for me, I submitted 3 pieces for a special show this summer. I miiiight just make you wait til then to see the big picture.**

Thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoy!

*For more on broth v stock, read here.

**probably not.


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