How many restaurants can I nod to in one blog post? More than 1, less than 100.

I snapped this at the bar Standing Stone Brewing Company in Ashland. Now that I’ve been there and enjoyed their brick-house-brewery atmosphere, a special promotional brew, and an excellent chat with our server and the Ashland residents next to us bellied up to the bar, I feel cheated that I’ve gone to Ashland so many times and NOT hit Standing Stone. Won’t make that mistake again.

I think they’ve got a stroke of genius on this bar, if you look all the way to the right they keep Chardonnay on tap. Brilliant, right? The number of bottles and time spent wrestling with corks and openers was ELIMINATED. If I ever work a restaurant again (gasp) I will insist upon this.

I also have to give them extra points for carrying other Oregon booze proudly next to their own on the tap. Cider-lovers, here you go. Salem-lovers, just move to Ashland already.

Ok, that was a little heavy-handed. I’ve got another new favorite restaurant and it is in Salem, so there are a handful of diamonds* that make it worth living there. At least sometimes.

Napoleon’s Creperie & Gelato is a. maz. ing. They used to be near my house, in a small space they filled with gelato. When Venti’s graduated from their little niche in the Reed Opera House, Napoleon took over (as he is wont to do). Napoleon then conquered the Amish furniture store next door and expanded into quite a respectable domain.

So it’s long established that they make a mean espresso drink, and they know how to whip up gelato in  dozens of delicious combinations, and they have crepes all sewn up. The rest of the menu is appropriately classy and fabulously prepared, completely satisfying.

They won me over immediately with a perfect cappuccinno

I’m kind of itching to get back there, I took President’s Day to see people in Salem and though many places closed I was confident Napoleon’s would be open– after all, he was no president. Aw wretched irony, they’re closed every Monday.

Well thanks for letting me gush about these restaurants. Usually I’d throw in a story from the elementary school, but last night one of those kids showed up in my dreams so I am clearly spending too much time on them. Happy weekend!

*Marco Polo Global Restaurant, Venti’s Taphouse (brand new slice of PDX right in south Salem), Word of Mouth, Kathmandu (now with a second space in the downtown mall for non-food imports),  Myriad Cake Design, and Wild Pear. Which rounds it all out to 8 restaurants.



  1. Mimi Pippel said,

    February 24, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland rocks and for many reasons. They got permission and purchased a lot in Ashland where they could raise their own beef! Really? yeah. They also grown a lot of their produce they serve. This is just one of many wonderful places in Ashland. This is one great town!

  2. elisionBlog said,

    February 25, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Aw, your asterisk makes me a little home sick for Salem. 😥

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