Cue the music! It’s time for a Happy Dance

I am now and have always been, Down With the Sickness*

I completed my first full week at my new job. I didn’t lose any kids, and none of them killed me off or even maimed me, so I guess I’m in. I did have a couple conversations with a first grader that reminded me of interactions I’ve had with high school guys. Like a student who listed Disturbed* as a band on his iPod. “Oh, yeah I know Disturbed.” Reeeally? Yup. Then I said the 5 syllables that gave me instant everlasting admiration: Ooooo WA AH AH AH

This week one of my little ones drew a stereo and was writing PUMP IT across it. I gambled on the reference, I raised the roof, and instructed him to pump it louder, pump it louder. He dropped his jaw, you know that song??

The next day I had to have a talk with him about how “I’m Sexy and I Know It” is not a playground song. Parents, you think your kids aren’t listening?

Parents, your kids can be pretty cute sometimes. Thanks for decorating my new paper crown:

Yes, I am indeed cool and awesome and I like flowers.

Parents, your kids can be pretty smart-ass sometimes. Reverse:

Sometimes no matter how cool and awesome you are, the “Main Idea” is still that you are a “but head.”

Time flies when you're slobbering sideways.

The last notable thing for this week is that this is my 200th blog post.

I’m shocked, too! And pretty pleased with myself.

What’s more is I know several people who have been following this since the beginning, and I’m thrilled I’ve kept your interest this long and this often. Thank you!

No doubt that there are more school stories yet to come, and you know I’ll keep cooking new food. I’m naturally obligated to keep Matilda’s Fan Club updated on her fluffiness, and I have new goals for dance and art.

The point is, more to come!



  1. February 18, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    cute post! i love working with kids too- always something surprising!

  2. elisionBlog said,

    February 19, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    hahaha, awesome. little guy totally dances to LMFAO. wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle… i’m going to have to completely change music before pre-school. 😉 love!

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