Hey Katie, your Portland is showing

I’ve been slowly filling a box with 5×7 inch art based on Mt. Hood. I’m particularly happy with this one. I crammed as much Portland into it as possible… creative reuse, coffee (Stumptown in particular, our proudest brew), and the geographic icon that smiles over our city with different colors every day.

I’ve also added a new variety of coffee to my cabinet. It’s easy to sample lots when you drink as much as we do. It’s easy to feel like you’re making an informed decision when cafe staff around here are always so educated. I was getting the run-down on a couple roasts the other day at Baristador’s and they recommended I try this variety that they have started carrying, brewed in town and you know I’m a sucker for that.

It’s delicious. I’ll be having more of it, maybe even once I finish this very cup. They have prettier pictures on their blog, but I wanted to take this opportunity to show this pretty pretty vintage glass oil lamp.

Matilda has been climbing on things, prowling, and made a break for The Big Wide World the other night while we were busy with the pizza guy. She’s pretending to be a Wild Cat when she’s only Mild Cat. While this beautiful sleek creature is probably staring down a wildebeast, my fluffy puff is preparing to destroy this over-sized cotton swab.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve landed a job with a regular predictable schedule! I’m the newest staff member of Club K After School, and you can look forward to good stories and pictures from my new crew of elementary kids. It’s clear already that they are crazycreative. Over the last couple weeks some of the boys have been creating a card game like Pokemon– I think their spin-off was called Dino-toids.

Not only do they have a deck, they have a cardboard-box-turned-store-front where they buy and sell them. If that’s not enough for you, they have created a separate deck with a different name (I’ll tell you when I learn it). Even in mock-business, there can be no monopolies.


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