Tales from the classroom: On white lines and double-word score SCRABBLE

Jen's too shy to show this to you, so I will.

Tale from the Classroom #104

The setting: 8 person table. SCRABBLE Junior

The players: Staff like myself, vs students.

The stakes: 7 points on the classroom tally of good behavior, bringing them that much closer to a pizza party. Or whatever.

Today’s House Rule: double points for any word that you can relate to this week’s Health lesson.

This week’s Health lesson: The ways that drugs can negatively affect your health and life.

Starting word: DRUGS

Their opener: LOVE. You would think that’s a pretty vague one to connect to drugs. But in a classroom setting, it’s sometimes best NOT to think.

SCRABBLE rules be damned! They played LOVEDRUGS.

Staff exchange sideways glances. Hm, a kid-friendly euphemism for date rape drug? Ok, double points.

We seemed to have all of the E’s for the game, so we were a little limited. We were looking for ANY word and found LINES.

Staff exchange sideways glances. Ok, here goes.

“LINES for 5 points. When people take drugs like cocaine, they put it in little lines before they suck it up their nose. 10 points.”

So add that to the list of places I never thought I’d go and still can’t believe I went there already. Explaining to students how people take cocaine, over a friendly game of SCRABBLE junior.

My stories are true. That’s the weirdest part! I hope you enjoyed.


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  1. Jen Hull said,

    February 4, 2012 at 3:01 pm


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