I’ve started a new course in my self-education in fine arts: Watercolors for Grown-Ass Artists

Today I will share with you a sneak peek at my progress in my new adventure, watercolor painting. I abandoned this medium sometime before I hit puberty and remember it mostly with frustration. But Bill has suggested for some time that I try it again and give it a fair chance with artist-quality supplies. So for the last week I’ve been facing my artistic nemesis, watercolor paints. I have had a few flashbacks to art class as a kid, squeezing my paintbrush too tightly vainly hoping to control the “paint.” Getting irked that the colors were never saturated enough. Impatiently waiting for paint to dry and watching paper wrinkle… ugh.

This is what I’ve learned: I can get the color saturation I want by using tube watercolor paint instead of the pallets of little cups. I remedy the waiting-time irritation by having two pieces going at once.

As for “controlling” the paint all I have is a little more patience and more words. This demands a lot of control, but at the same time you have to be unruffled by what Bob Ross could call happy little accidents. Those happy little accidents of spillage or muddling or dripping or mixing were the things that drove me away from this years ago.

But I’m trying. And between you and me (the brushes aren’t listening) I’m doing pretty well.

My creativity has not been confined to the page and brush. I had a stroke of genius in the kitchen, and you know how proud I get of those.

Step one: bread + cookie cutter + buttah + frying pan + egg = Egg in the Basket/Alabama Eggs/Bull’s Eye Eggs/One Eyed Monster/Rocky Mountain Toast/ whatever your mom called it.

One Eyed Monster + ham + cheese + more bread = What I call The Brunchenstein. A perfect mash-up of breakfast and lunch for the truest brunch.

Flip it, eat it. Be pleased. Raise your brunch mimosa (or breakfast bloody mary, or dinner beer) and cheers to a most historic person:


1 Comment

  1. Elision said,

    January 28, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    yay, watercolors!

    every time i stop by your blog, i leave hungry
    : )

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