I don’t know the traditional gifts for the 5th year Cat-iversary. So I’ll give her some turkey.

Oh hi!

This is Cinnamon. Well, this was Cinnamon.

Around the house she’s Fluffy Butt, Meowy Face, DammitCatShutUp, and Don’tEatThat, and Butt-tilda. Her fans and admirers know her as Matilda.

First night with her new family

Five years ago today we brought “Cinnamon” home from Salem Friends of Felines. She was a little sick then with a cold, so she was boogery and her eyes were crusty, so we didn’t know at first how beautiful and nuts she would be.

She proved to be the most entertaining acquisition ever for me, Emily, and frankly everyone else too. But even before she started to show her personality (smart-ass) and silliness (dumb-ass) we knew “Cinnamon” was not a sufficient name. Also 3 other brownish cats were called Cinnamon at the shelter. Emily and I are a bit geeky and wanted to give our cat a literary name, and Roald Dahl’s Matilda occurred to us simultaneously but separately.

I came home from work and said I’d thought of Matilda for a name, and Emily said “ME TOO!” so it was settled.

She was completely nuts over any strings or dangling things. She was completely afraid of the litter box so she took to crapping behind the tv or under my desk. She was really gassy. And most importantly, she was goofy. That was pretty much our goal.

She gets a lot of her goofiness from being… not so bright. She is the sole kitty that can bring dog-lovers and cat-haters to their knees. This is largely because she acts like a dog. I’d never had a cat, I grew up with dogs. So I played with her like she was a dog, and now she comes when you whistle, she plays tag, and she licks e v e r y t h i n g.

Thanks, human. It's warm here. What do you mean I'm blocking the remote sensor?

I cannot say enough good things about and give enough love to the people who run Salem Friends of Felines. They provided us with a kitty, no batteries required. Oh wait, that’s toys. They provided us with a spayed, immunized, microchipped kitty and gave us the medicine for her cold at no charge. They operate a small space in Salem where the cats hang out in rooms with windows and toys rather than cages. They arrange foster homes for cats they don’t have room for at the shelter. They have a thrift store and I encourage you to shop there or donate appropriate stuff.

Then SFoF rocked my world for a second time. Matilda escaped our apartment and was gone for an entire month. You can read the full story in an old post, Thirty Days of Solitude.

So if you have a fluffy little family member, take this opportunity to pet them affectionately. If you do not, then go to Friends of Felines and they will hook you up. The morning after I got her home again, we agreed to be gratuitously affectionate and every morning when she wakes me up by meowing outside my door (DammitCatShutUp) we have a little morning-snuggle. Then I turn on the coffee machine and she gets spooked by the noise. Then I let her taste cappuccino foam and we get wired and play tag.

Thanks for allowing me to rave about my cat. I’ll honestly return to art and other stuff next. And for Matilda’s Fan Club, you’re welcome!

Happy New Year!


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