WWRPD? We should all ask, what would Rosa Parks do?

Do you ever start walking and forget to stop again?

Well, me neither.

Except for the other day in Ashland. What started as a stroll with Maty around the Southern Oregon University campus ended up… a tour of the town. I stopped to take this picture in one of the many boutiques and shops all lit up for the night. Big deal, a picture of deer from Ashland, right? You can’t go to the mailbox without seeing one. But you know what you won’t see? Cute fuzzy snuggle-able friendly deer that won’t steal your wallet.Maty is an avid fan of public collaborative art. He minored in Modern Art at Dartmouth. I took this photo for him (you know, because he doesn’t have thumbs). Once you pair his love of murals/walks/sticks with my fascination for boutiques/book stores/cafes it’s no surprise that we just  kept  walking.

Then we rounded a sunny corner and saw this bus stop bench. I find this dedication appropriate and a bit cheeky. Maty shows no sign of fatigue, but I was very relieved to sit for a few minutes.

You know, until a squirrel ran by and Maty wanted to collaborate on a mural with him. I had to herd him back to home because once you get artists talking they’ll never stop.


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