He speaks for everyone…except pie-lovers.

At first I scolded myself for letting a group of 4th graders grab copious stacks of sticky notes. But when they hand them back to me like this, you think I can put it in a trashcan?

Since public schools are out for winter break, I’ve been able to spend time on some paintings and cards. And since I’ve actually finished some things (gasp!) I have also been taking photos for Etsy items and some dance apparel.

For example, this purple coined hip scarf (and the matching necklace). Not every woman is a belly dancer*, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting a hip belt. This is a great time to acquire one, there are so many ways to use your coin belt in the coming year.

Dancing on New Year’s Eve, clearly. Resolutions: take up a new exercise and hobby with belly dance. Appreciate your body more simply by wearing a coin belt. Whatever your body shape, I dare you to wear a belt and still say you hate your hips. It’s unpossible.

Then there’s Mardi Gras, and Halloween, and Christmas. Really though, you can sound like jingle bells but not look like an elf.


I photographed that belt on a red veil spread across a coffee table and two boxes, as seen here. Things were working quite well until I caught glimpse of the cat’s tail slipping under the table. 3… 2… 1… GO!

She leaped out from the table, with complete disregard for the fabric. She bounded across the floor and thrust herself under her “scratching tilde,” taking the veil with her the entire way. That bulge of red silk in the foreground is hiding her fuzzy face, totally pleased with herself.

See I'll prove it

Thanks for listening to my silly stories. I’ll be bringing more food adventures to the blog soon.

Please travel safely.


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