Why not Jonny Cash I lik pie and cake

This was the slightly more clarified second draft

A group of five 4th graders and I are totally buddies after our two days reading an article about the Grand Ole Opry. Yes, we spent a cumulative hour on a page and a half article and it’s assorted comprehension questions. Do you find this curious? Well let me tell you…

The 4th Grade Classroom is a great place to observe the warping of time itself. An hour may sound long at first, but it in fact felt like a full day. This is because of the constant juggling of attention spans. As you can see above, sometimes the thoughts of youngsters collide within even their own heads. Elementary school is a marathon of tiny sprints. In this case, we ran in circles around the Grand Ole Opry, and they wrote notes about questions they thought of while they read “silently.”

A side-step for a moment in case you don’t hang out with kids much, here is a picture of a 3rd grader evidently in her I-want-to-be-a-travel-agent stage. Imagine one of her peers reading about Grand Ole Opry performances by Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks and asking, “Why not Johnny Cash?” You can’t imagine it, right? Because my her peers were no where near that musically savvy. If I recall right, we were rocking out to Wilson Phillips– but not rocking too hard because then the cd would skip.

…or so I imagine.

I was happy to inform them that of course the Man In Black played the Opry, and that Johnny met Joan there. All five swooned just a little. I was proud of them.

In my other life as K’ahi, I had the pleasure of performing poi at an event at ADX Portland celebrating a newly published book The Creative Conversation, by Bridget Benton. I danced surrounded by her art and her cast of supporters, backed by DJ Sacralicious.

One of the great parts about performing without fire is that you are closer and clearer to your audience. This space was downright intimate. That’s how I was able to get some participation from two members of the front row. A sweet little 4 year old girl very proud of the bow on her dress. The other was standing (mostly) in his footy pajamas and holding papa’s hands so as to stay upright. And this baby who can’t walk yet can nonetheless bob and bounce with intention to the beat of the Beatles right along with this crazy lady with the bright colors.

In closing,

And I hope you do too.


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