November Portland rain is pretty. Sometimes. But my kitchen is always warm.

I spent November meeting daily with a group of 6 little writers, and last week I got to see them present the fruit of their work this month on a creative free-write piece. Three of them wrote plays. They were stumped on where to start with a play and I thought back to the play I was in when I was their age. It was a mystery play put on by my Girl Scout troop. All of us were different fairy tale princesses (duh) and it took place in a hair salon (duh) and I was the one who solved the mystery, and I think I was Sleeping Beauty.**

So I tossed them the idea of taking a few actual characters from different stories and putting them together. They totally ran with it.

One boy was willing to be cast as Prince Charming, even though it might give him cooties. Upon his arrival The Ball, the princesses trample him like it’s Black Friday. He took it upon himself to make a prop– a paper he laid across his chest when he “died.” No one saw it, I only know because he showed it to me.

Here lies the Beautiful Prince Christopher, RIP.

Prince Christopher wrote a scene from a vampire play, and cast me as the Vampire. I sadly met my doom after his character yelled “Vampire Destroyer Suit, Activate!!”

If you’re patient enough to be a regular reader of this blog, 1: I love you. 2: You may have noticed a pink Gerber daisy sneaking into many of my photos lately. This is my nearly imperceptible introduction to my latest art acquisition. Two years ago I got a Sailor Jerry style sparrow tattoo on my leg. My wedding was covered with daisies like this. My artist, Omar Edmison of All American Tattoo in Salem, drew this amazing piece just for little old me:

Also I like light blue ribbons and ladybugs. Isn’t this just the most hardcore thug tattoo you’ve ever seen?

I’m in the early stages of tonight’s breakfast-for-dinner adventure. We have an abundance of eggs in our fridge, so I thought I’d try baked eggs. I looked up a bunch of different recipes and used them to triangulate my own plan. It involves ham cups. I’ll tell you later.

**I googled Harem Scarem, what I recall being the name of that play. Naturally I found nothing about that script. I did learn though that Harem Scarem is the name of a band in Canada.


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