On painting and waffles — two of my favorite things

Guess what I’ve been doing!

I’ve gotten some time and table space lately that I used to do some painting. I’ve finished and started several pieces already. Like this one here.  I started a very overdue duo, but have little to show because I’ve yet to put pigment down on it. I’m pleased, however, to offer a sneak peak of a long-planned but just-started project.

I have continued to spend my time in a school, with 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Little buggers have grown on me. Two have told me that they want me to become a regular teacher there. One’s even decided he will use his turkey wishbone to wish that I stay there all year. Recent “moments” include: 5th grader who runs up to me to sing the nyan cat song, 4th grader who stops me in the hall to sing his song about zombies (and all those dead people everywhere), getting cast in a 3rd grader’s play (incidentally, about zombies too), finding YOU ROCK MRS PIPPPPP!! on a whiteboard, and getting to use the laminator and die-cut machines.

I’m on vacation this week, so I’ve already been rocking the kitchen. Mostly with success. I’ve had an on-going frustration with making pie dough from scratch. I’ve taken hints and tips from 3 cookbooks, Alton Brown, and Jess LJ. This time was better than most, but still not what I’d call satisfactory.

I often overmix, which destroys the buttery goodness and leaves you with dry bleh-crust. Also I have trouble appropriately judging the cut of the butter, which is also important for flaky crust.

In this case I guess it was okay. My pie was less than satisfactory too. Hate to waste a good crust on weak pie, right? I currently have a pumpkin pie cooling in the kitchen, and I’m very optimistic about it. I think I have a better recipe, and I got pie crust from the store. There, I caved.

We munched on it, but I eventually decided that without copious amounts of ice cream, it was just a let-down. So I gave it a pick-up. I put it in waffles!!

And I mean that in the most straightforward way. I incorporated pie (crust and all) into my waffle batter. Cut it into about bite-size pieces, stir it lightly, and make it happen.

Like I said, I have pie cooling– and I have some twice baked potatoes awaiting a preheated oven so as to enjoy their second baking. Friends are bringing drinks, and I feel it will be a lovely evening. Thanks for reading!


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