Know what, Mrs Pip? When I get our turkey wishbone, I’m going to wish that you become a teacher here.

Is November bumming you out? It’s bumming me out. We had a nasty cold snap and some ye-olde-standard western Oregon grey everything. I’m back on my feet mostly unaided after my stumble last month, which is great. I had a really severe migraine the other night though, which is so not great. At this moment though, there is sunshine pouring through my window, so I’m going to stay inside and pretend it’s warm. 🙂

The graffiti you see me pouting next to can be found in Ashland. I snapped this picture on my last trip there. It was just outside of one of Mimi’s favorite stores (which is why I bet she never noticed it– eyes on the prize immediately in the antiques world).

This month I’m working at Candy Lane Elementary. I’m not making that up just to make my blog sound cuter. The kids are adorable. I have a buddy, he hangs out with me every recess. He thinks I’m pretty awesome, and frankly he is too. He occasionally interrupts our conversations with an “Excuse me,” and he runs off to return a football that bounced too far from the other kids. He’s exceptionally kind, but he’s got one thing in common with all the boys– video games. He wants to talk about the X-box 360, so I listen to him talk about games but he’s far too polite to ramble like the others. He wants to know if I have a 360 and what games we play at our house, and specifically,

“What games do you play, Miss Pip?”

I‘ve really only spent a lot of time on one X-box game. I’m happy to freely talk about it on the playground, so I guess I’ll own up to it with the adults. Viva Pinata. Oh man, I’ve played a lot of Viva Pinata. It’s filled with fun, filled with fun, you know?

Yesterday, Recess Buddy ran up to me with a slip of paper torn off from his vocabulary test paper. On it he had written some cheat codes he found for me, so I could get some of the really difficult awesome pets.  Yes, pets. You don’t shoot anything or even solve puzzles, you build a garden and grow plants that pinata animals will like. He gave me cheat codes, I told him how to grow a two-headed snake pinata. Then I blew his mind with how to make a FOUR-headed snake pinata. And that’s why Mrs. Pip is the coolest.

When I haven’t been on the playground, I’ve been making some more sets of fabulous holiday cards. I’ve put my Halloween cards on sale and added more cards to my Etsy. And I’ve got something special for today’s friendly reminder that I make things you want on your walls:

I’m offering gift certificates to my shop, as a way of encouraging people to pledge money to a project that a friend is trying to get off the ground. They’re very close to their goal, and very close to their deadline. Pledge $30 or $60 to kickstart their film and you’ll receive a $10 or $25 gift certificate to my shop. Assist the independent arts AND get your holiday cards and gifts? WIN.

You can read more about the Apollo Minus Project, see a preview, and pledge a donation here. They are a mere 3% short of their goal! Push them over!

My goodness, the sunshine made me very wordy today! I hope you got a kick out of my Viva Pinata career, and please do check out the Apollo Minus Project. Their deadline for make-it-or-break-it is tomorrow, November 11.


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