Worse than a black cat under a ladder – Matilda the staircase troll

Hello friends! I’d like to check in from Scrapbooking Land to show off my Holiday wares. This one is part of a quartet, you can see the others here in my Shop. I’ve got a few more waiting to list, and a nicely sized pile of other miscellanea like jewelry and coffee cozies.

I’ll also show off the extent of my Halloween decorations at home. Technically, it was Mandy who put the ugly cat there. I gave the ugly cat an… adversary? It makes the top of the tv more entertaining than the screen for at least 8 hours a day.

I can say that with fair accuracy, I think. I recently sprained my ankle really badly so I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch. In fact, for the first 2 or 3 days after my stumble, I lived on the couch. Partly because it’s so comfortable, partly because it’s the best place to elevate my foot, but mostly because

our house is divided by stairs. When you walk in the front door, this is what you’re faced with. 8 steps up or down, and everyone’s favorite Fluffy Hazard weaving between your feet. I’ve often suspected she does this because if you are broken, you can’t leave her. That’s on a good day, anyway. When she’s cranky I start to think she’s trying to finish the job.

The plus side is I’ve gotten well enough to sit at a table and make magic happen. I’ve got several sets in different styles all in my Etsy shop. I’m always open for custom orders. I’ve started making Thanksgiving Dinner invitations too. Ye need not go to Hallmark this season, just talk to me.

I have free gifts for orders from my blog readers, and for anyone who refers customers to me. I’m too poor to get advertising, I can’t do it without you all.


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