Today’s hybrid dessert: Doughnut Cake. Someday: Cookie-stuffed Pie, Chocolate Lava Baked Alaska*


I figured I should start with something delicious and exciting to kick off this blog post… since I’ve been absent for a while. I wish I could say that these pizzas were my creation, but I would be lying. I was in Boise briefly, and even the briefest of visits warrants a trip to Flying Pie Pizzeria. Right before lunch I had purchased a gyroscope, to use as a teaching prop for Poi classes. I thought a gyroscope was a nice accessory for lunch at Flying Pie.

But I did make this sweet cake. It’s a confetti angelfood bundt. Once I frosted it in pink, we looked back at it and saw: a Simpson’s Doughnut. So we embraced that, added chocolate and sprinkles. And yes, it was delicious! That night’s birthday party had no shortage of sweets, chips, dips, drinks, and more things to om nom nom.

This picture is a little overdue for posting. There definitely aren’t any flowers around our place right now; just lush green rain-drenched grass. I snapped this at the Jacksonville Garden Tour when I was in Ashland with Mimi. That amazing ring? I got that in Poulsbo with Margi. My good people take me good places!

For all my good people, I’ve got some good new paper goods, and I’m sure you’ll find them to be g…. nice.

Happy October, friends! I’ve been busy making Halloween cards! I’ve had so much fun with these, and I am fascinated by the idea that these could go out in the mail to your friends. For the 100th time, here is where you can find these sweet sweet cards and more.

I’m happy to be back, I hope you’re still around to read my silly stories and that your October is going nicely.

*I made up these items for the sake of humorous pairings… now I think I should make them happen.


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  1. October 21, 2011 at 10:27 am

    […] Today’s hybrid dessert: Doughnut Cake. Someday: Cookie-stuffed Pie, Chocolate Lava Baked Alaska* – Oh man, that pink frosted donut cake.  […]

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