Sign me up for baked goods of elephantine proportions

This innocent-looking squirrel whistles a hello to you from the Oregon Zoo. If he offers to share his nuts with you, don’t. They’re tough as bronze.

I met a squirrel not long ago in Mimi and Tony’s back yard. The first time I saw him, I giggled at him because he’s one fatty fat squirrel. The second time I saw him, he was flailing and squeaking in a basin of water, he couldn’t get a grip to get himself out. I leaped to his aid, grabbed a small rake on my jaunt down the terraces, and fished the gasping terrified half-drowned squirrel out to blessed dry ground.

Another smile from the zoo

We wrapped him in a comfy blue towel and put him somewhere he’d be safe from other creatures but also not trapped. Saving him just to lock him up would feel like a little squirrel version of the Saw movies, and I couldn’t possibly do that to him. Who knows, he might have a heart condition from being overweight.

We left some frosted flakes next to him, and later that afternoon found the towel empty and the flakes strewn about. I saw him the next morning in the yard! I’m terribly terribly pleased with myself. I feel like I should get a Girl Scout badge or something.

After my brief trip to Ashland Oregon, I took a trip up to Poulsbo Washington. It is one very cute town, right on the water opposite Bainbridge Island. My dear friends Margi and Joel are living in a very cute house there, and she let me see all the sights. The farmer’s market, the pier, the downtown cafes and restaurants and frankly, the first bakery I’ve been in that you could convince me was arranged by Willy Wonka.

This photo catches about 2/3 of the front window display. Then picture two more walls stacked the same way, and a crowd of people like I saw gathered around the Mona Lisa when I went to the Louvre. Put it all in one pile and you could jump in the middle and throw bundt cakes the way Scrooge McDuck throws his money.

Exhibit A: a Krispie. That’s all, one word, no specifics. Perhaps larger than an Elephant Ear, you could use this confection pretty effectively as a Frisbee if you could stand to let it out of your hands. It’s sugar and butter held together by crispy magic. Between the two of us we didn’t finish it!

I’ve started working again as a substitute, and it’s nice to see some familiar faces. Except for Cartman, basically the others are cool. So I expect to have some more Tales from the Classroom soon for you. I’ve also got new videos from the dance studio and from a performance I did this weekend at a birthday party. Even the cat wouldn’t hang out with me that night, I smelled too much of singed hair.

I’m off for now. I hope this post finds you happy to see autumn arrive. And if you are happy about autumn, then tell me why I should be. 😉


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