Summer lovin’ happened so fast, summer lovin’ having a bbq….

Happy Weekend! Here’s our favorite fetch-addict Maty with his new homie Leroy. Emily and I took them for a walk downtown (well, Leroy actually takes you for a pull, rather). Can you get a better picture for summertime than two panting smiling dogs?

Oh, I know what is better. A 3 year old who is very pleased with the Red Car birthday cake. No, not Lightning Steve McQueen of the movie Cars. His name is Red Car, from the movie Red Car. The Versoza family can always be counted on for great summer birthday parties and wintertime cookie decorating parties.

Likewise, Cafe Le Pip can be counted on for delicious delicious FOOOOOOD! Today’s first example: this ravioli-meets-wontons-meets-deep-fryer pile of yum. That little plastic thing? It’s BRILLIANT. I got it at an Asian market, made for pressing wontons (and let me tell you, if you’ve made wontons or ravioli by hand, it takes a long damn time). Here I took wonton wrappers (round would have been better but this was what I found) and filled them with little spoonfuls of Costco artichoke/parmesean/spinach dip. Naturally they landed in the deep fryer and were enjoyed promptly with warm tomato sauce for dipping.

Josh took charge of another one of our favorites; jalapeno poppers. As you can see, there were a LOT of them, and they went opposite of the smaller-peppers-are-hotter-than-big-ones fact. I only made it through one of these monster jalapenos! The next evening I took the leftover popper filling (cream cheese, garlic, sundried tomatoes, cheddar, whatnot) and put it inside of little calzones with mozzarella and pepperoni.

There was also pound cake, fresh home made baklava, black berry cobbler, cowboy caviar, and… what was it we drank that night?

I hope this inspires you for some cooking this holiday weekend. Travel safe, you guys. And eat well!


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