Every balanced person needs a nutty counter-balance

Tweet tweet, my sweet.

Pretty little lorakeets, right? I got to pretend for several minutes that I was in a corner of the rain forest, admiring these beautiful birds in their natural habitat of overgrown greens and jungle fencing.

Though I have lived in Portland for two years, it took me until this month to go take in the Oregon Zoo. Here I am on the zoo train with a pretty cool chick I’ve been hanging out with.

I don’t know why her mom thinks we should be in public together unsupervised. I’m teaching her to spin poi, she’s a great student (and she passes it on by teaching her mom).


You know you're an addict when...

Hopefully she’ll join me and some other dancers from the studio this Saturday morning, to walk together in the Multnomah Village Parade. I want to encourage you to come check it out, if not this weekend then sometime. The Village is so cozy and full of shops filled with happy things; local wine, coffee, fabulous toys, local art and crafts, beer, books, dogs, and tamale pie* that will haunt your dreams.

*O’Connors Restaurant and Bar.

To continue the themes of animals and goofy pairs, I’d like to return to a bit that I did last summer, which I like to call Wild Cat / Mild Cat.

That’s it for today, friends. Take care!


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