I’m just your friendly neighborhood unintentional assassin

Glamorous, right? I made that, all by myself! I created this piece for a photographer I know, and I can’t wait to see how he uses it.

In my car I have lots of slips of paper on which is written directions to places (though I rarely write down the actual location with these details). One note that I’ve kept visible on the dashboard is my shorthand for “Take Exit 303 to Killingsworth, go straight.” It did not occur to me for weeks that my note could be misunderstood.


Just made my afternoon latte, not bad huh? I placed it where it would look nicest– on top of an unsolicited catalog of expensive ugly clothes. I’m already approved for $250 on a credit card I can only use there. …Then again, dressing like a fashion-challenged realtor would be a good cover when I’m on the job (why stop at 303 kills now?)

I have been enjoying our late-summer flowers, hydrangeas and lilies.  I have been especially dutiful to our two hydrangea bushes, and it’s paying off. Plus, I’m practicing science! You can change the color of these flowers, they’re a big beautiful acid-base indicator. After I have enjoyed my coffee, I pass the used grounds to my hydrangeas, which makes them blue.

These photos are not photoshopped, I really do have blue, purple, and magenta all on one plant! How great is that?

That’s all for today– but I’m happy to tell you that I have already collected and edited plenty of pictures for the coming posts. I hope this finds you well!


1 Comment

  1. Elision said,

    August 14, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Yeah!! I love hydrangeas. Good job on those, your accidental career, and your mask. 🙂

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