Rumors of my return to the digital world are true

Good news, everyone!

In technology news: I have a new computer! It’s slim and trim and furiously fast. My first Mac. Cue the reaction shot:


Thanks, Maty.
I’m taking good care of the new laptop, firstly by getting a case for it. Naturally my searching came to an end with Etsy, specifically with IUptown Chic’s shop. Now that I can keep it with me safely and fashionably, I’ll have it with me all the time. You can thank/blame her for the rising regularity/strangeness of my blog posts.

In dance news: my poi students continue to impress me every week. Sheelah and I  looked fabulous for our event at the Space Studios. We’re already looking forward to the next  Open Spin Night at the studio, the second Saturday of the month.  We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy pleasant evening weather, perfect for sparking fires.

This little gentleman will probably be there, with brand spankin’ new LED toys, rocking out. I have also been putting together a dance costume and just finished the most important part (at least, the most sparkly part, and in costumes isn’t that the most important?).

I had so much fun making this mask that I want to do it again. I’ll put a listing in my Etsy shop– but first I’ll offer it to you, my dear reader/dancer/masquerader. Tell me your colors and I’ll make you one for $15 (including shipping). This is half of what I will list it to “the public.” Just send me a message and we’ll make it happen.

Now’s the time I say thanks again for reading and enjoying my silly pictures. I can no longer ignore the vastly overdue sunshine outside. I hope your weekend is restful!


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