Day 83 without a laptop

Or is it Day 64?  112?  I’ve lost all track of time without the digital clock and calendar I usually find above my right hand. In the bottom right corner of a digital rectangle that would display this blog.

You may have noticed, it’s summer time. You wouldn’t know it if you were at MY window, where it is raining exactly as if today’s date was November 3rd.

… Maybe it is! I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!

But if you’re having summer, you have probably seen flowers blooming from every flower bed, lawn hedge, and manicured clutches of women in formal dresses. So, it’s time for me to shamelessly promote my paper goods for the weddings and wedding-related events that you are surely planning to hold or attend.

Even for one you’re not attending. A fabulous handmade card will make it easier for them to forgive your absence (or your toast, or the behavior of your uncle, or your pass at the maid of honor).

See how cute? Tell me your colors, I’ll make some sample save-the-dates or thank-yous. Just want one or a few completely unique cards? I’ll do custom work for $5 a piece. For full sets of invitations, we can start with your budget and determine the rest from there.

On the topic of coming events:

This Saturday the 23rd I will be giving mini lessons and performing with Sheelah at The Space, which has recently opened conveniently across the street from McCormick’s Fish House and Bar on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.

7:30pm  Doors Open    $10 cover
8:00        Melange (myself and Sheelah) performs
8:15        Sheelah: Belly Dance mini-lesson – bring veils if you have them
8:45        Open Dance
9:00        K’ahi: Poi mini-lesson – bring poi if you have them
9:30        Open Dance
9:45        Sheelah’s solo performance, then outdoors for K’ahi’s solo performance with fire, followed by Open Dancing.
Beer & wine served, so this is a 21 and over event.

There will pictures, for SURE.


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