It’s pretty hard to burn yourself when you spin by the ocean.

Hello, friends!

I recently added this super-cute framed vintage postcard to my Etsy shop. There’s some other new items in there, too.  We’re coming in to Wedding Season, and I would love to make invitations or cards for your friends. Any style, any budget.

This is a photo of one of the awesome people who have been coming to learn poi with me. She just got new LED poi, and they’re pretty tricked out. I actually found myself a little envious of their new toys, and I’m thrilled that they’re all jumping into this with their full hearts.

We’ll be having another Open Spin Night on Saturday July 9th. Bring your friends, your fire toys, your LED equipment, fire-less poi, or just come to watch and meet the crazy people who swing fire past their faces    all   the   time. Take note too of our upcoming performance/mini lessons on Saturday July 23rd.

I hope you’re having a happy holiday weekend. Today I’m going to the coast with some friends, and our primary goal is dancing our dances next to the ocean. I promise pictures and maybe even video.


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