Another opportunity to help out your favorite starving artist: I want to paint a mural!

Time to stretch and wake up, sleepy cat and sleeping blog. While we’re at it, wake up my laptop monitor– it’s been sleeping for days, and that’s a big part of my recent inactivity here. I mailed it off to get fixed yesterday, and commandeered another laptop for the morning so that I can check in with you all, dear readers.

I’m thrilled to tell you that the art auction benefiting the House of Dreams generated a bit over $3,000!! THREE CHEERS FOR KITTIES!

One of my lil' poisters

In other good news, the school year is over in my district, I’m officially on summer break. (I prefer to call it “summer break” instead of “unemployment.”) This has opened up more time for me to art and craft; add to that the time I haven’t spent on the computer and I’ve got quite a pile of new creations. Mostly it’s been the designing, creating, or altering of costume pieces for my coming dance performances and competition. There will be pictures soon.

On the topic of pictures, I’ve also done some art designing. One of my favorite fabulous shops for unbelievable clothes and costume, Lil’ Gypsy, located in Salem. They have an outside wall they want to beautify, and I want to be the beautificationist. Check out their site for info on hours and clothes and about the prospective mural.

This is my submission. The colors of their clothes are yet to be determined, I think I’ll have the staff choose their favorite pieces and I’ll try to base it on those. The arrows are not part of the design, those are to note where I would like to add details. Their wrists should be adorned with blingy jewelry, cufflinks, watch, and belt. Their feet will be staff favorite shoes, too. Lastly her leg will have a tattoo, design still to be decided. If you’re not inside the Salem Bubble, here’s some trivia for you, Salem is aka Cherry City.

Like it? I do! They have been accepting submissions to their Lil’Gypsy Facebook page. Friends and fans of the shop are doing the preliminary voting, so please help this girl out by getting in there to vote for my art. I’ve always wanted to create a mural, the closest I’ve gotten for outdoor public art was some business window painting and our family mailbox.

I hope you’ve got sunshine like this where you are. And if you do, SEND IT OVER HERE. I find rain and clouds unacceptable in mid June. Thanks for reading, as always. Pass it along that I in fact have not fallen off of the Earth.


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