If not from the mouths of babes, then from the pencil on their desks

Cute, right? Freshly finished. It’s one of several tea and coffee related art I’ve made lately. What can I say, I have a reliable muse. This and several other pieces are newly listed in my Etsy shop. The top row of “Featured Items” is all the cafe stuff you could want.

I have a couple more stories for the teacher files this week. During a prep period in middle school English class, I cleaned the desks with Lysol wipes. Mostly because students are germ factories, partly because they write all over the desks. There was one desk that I didn’t wipe clean and even pondered momentarily if I should go over it with pen. This student may not have gotten much out of the lesson plan, but clearly learned a life lesson nonetheless.

Stupid hurts!

Later that same day… After a particularly difficult interaction with a particularly difficult student, I stepped back and had a light bulb moment. I had wrestled with this student before, I think in the notes for the teacher I said the class was great but this student was “mutinous.” The way he sat down to his desk, and his blatant sideways conversations in class, even his build. Something seemed so familiar. A HA! Add another cartoon character-come-to-life from my classroom jobs.

In addition to South Park’s Eric Cartman, I’ve found the real-life Butters Stotch, Ralph Wiggum of The Simpsons, Dora the Explorer, and Russell from Up. Oh, and South Park’s Tweek… if you made him REALLY REALLY angry at the Underpants Gnomes.

Ok, in non-cartoon-entertainment news, I’d like to share this event with you.

This cafe is so cute, the guy who’s organized this event is so nice, and I gave him a stack of art for the cause. Anyone want to carpool?

Thanks for reading!


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