Oh my gosh oh my gosh, where have I been? The tales I will tell you…

Look at the monkey! You can’t be mad at me if you look at the monkey. Or is it a monkey? I’ve been web-absent for a while, look at the monkey.

I do have something to show for the blog-writing time I’ve sacrificed of late. Above is a sneak peek of something I finished last week.

Below is a clip of sample wedding invitations I made.

So, who do you know getting married soon? What are their colors?

Did you like the videos from Saqra’s Showcase? Good, because I’ll more dance videos soon. I got some very exciting new equipment for my birthday.

Prints are on sale right meow!

Speaking of birthdays, there are still a few days left to take advantage of My Birthday Month Sale, during which all of my items are marked down by 25-30% I’ve added several new pieces and prints lately, mostly inspired by that ever-popular beverage.

In the last week, I also lost several hours of my life to middle and elementary schools. Gems from the classrooms:

Guess what! I’m not peeing my pants today! -kindergarten

Guess what! I’m sad today, my dog chewed up my tortoise. You mean a toy tortoise or a REAL pet tortoise? I mean my real pet tortoise, his name is Muggle. YOUR DOG ATE YOUR TORTOISE? No, just chewed on him a while. He’s hurt, but he’s okay. -second grade

Guess what! My Capri Sun didn’t come with a straw! Oh no! How will you drink it? (other girl) Oh it’s okay, I gave her mine. I don’t know why, but I kind of like drinking it this way. I walk away while she sucks her fruit punch through the tiny straw hole. Then I hear her tell the other girl, It’s kind of like making out with somebody. -second grade!

I have to end this blog post here, because I simply cannot top that. Thanks for reading!


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