And this little ladybug said, Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy all the way home

Awwww, Cuuuuute, right? Just a snapshot of the Mother’s Day cards I’ve been making. You need one? I’ll even sign and mail it for you so it gets there on time. 😉

Mother’s day has totally snuck up on me, it’s usually next to or overlapping my birthday, which is still suspiciously a week away. My 18th birthday fell on Mother’s Day, so I bought her a pack of cigarettes (win win!). My 22nd birthday was the same day of college Graduation, which was also Mother’s Day (win win WIN!).

Since these don’t converge on one date, this year I’m celebrating all of May. Every item in my Etsy shop is marked down 25-35% for the month of May. Every order gets unique and adorable Happy Birthday card. Send your friends! I have gifts for referrals!

I am THRILLED to report that Saqra’s Bellydance Showcase last week was a blast. I met and re-met lots of beautiful dancers and I drooled over tables and tables of coin belts, hip scarves, zills, and silk anything. I looked a little like this:

Luckily, I rolled my tongue back in my mouth long enough to look a little bit more graceful. Sheelah and I choreographed this piece to the most challenging song I could find, Maggot Brain, as performed by Lili Haydn and the DaKah Hip Hop Orchestra. Please enjoy (the camera shake does settle down, my covert videographer was trying to be, well, covert).

This is of course where I say again that I’m giving Poi lessons every Saturday afternoon, the next workshop will be Friday May 13th, and I’m always looking for performance opportunities too. I can’t tell you how much fun we have at Sheelah’s Dance Studio, LLC. I can’t tell you how much fun we had drinking after the Showcase, either. But I can show you their talents and shining faces.

That’s right, BONUS VIDEO!!

Thanks for checking in with me! Please share the links and videos if you like them. Give yourself a hug from me, and if you see the sun, tell it to come back over here.

Shake it til you make it!


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