Something better than bacon? Something better than rosemary?

I discovered it, yes there IS something better than bacon and better than rosemary and that is rosemary with bacon. I cooked these up for Easter brunch, and made it as easy as possible so that I could continue to drink my mimosa.  I cooked (mostly) three pieces of bacon, once there was enough grease I added chopped potatoes and a few stems of rosemary. This makes the potatoes incredible of course, but really for me it was about those rosemary-infused bacon strips. Mind blowing.

As for tales from the schoolhouse, my little happy moment came from a 7th or 8th grade girl who was trying (like me) to get people to be quiet and look in one direction at the same time (aka a third of every teacher’s job). One student was giving her lip about it, and she informed him

“You’re being really inmature right now. Stop it. Stop being inmature.”

Today’s dose of Etsy comes in the form of the newest treasury of items I have curated. I’m itching for springtime colors wherever I can find them, and I can find them in this compilation of Portland/Vancouver area merchants. I have special Mother’s Day cards available in my shop, too.

The other hours of my week have largely gone to practice and preparation for this weekend, where I will be performing Sunday at Saqra’s Showcase. Sheelah and I are doing a combined belly dance/poi/veil dance to a particularly moving song performed by Lili Haydn. So for this occasion I’m willing to share the early evidence that I would be a dancer. During my I-refuse-to-be-girly stage I guess I blocked this from memory. I vaguely remember a tutu. I totally remember the pink jellies shoes.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading. I look forward to sharing more pictures and stories.


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