As long as you’re eating good food, you can put up with all kinds of crap at work

There is a distinct chance that in chatting with people this week, I’ve talked more about cheese than the weather. Twice in school staff break rooms, even. Not just because I got a delivery of specialty smoked cheeses from Idaho, but that’s probably part of it. Our crackers have never tasted better than with smoked pepper jack cheese. Our omelettes never as savory as with hickory smoked cheddar. Tonight, some of this will find its way into a big dish of baked macaroni and cheese. Sure, we might not be hiding/finding eggs and digging through plastic grass, but we will be having a nice big Easter dinner. Got the spiral ham and everything, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hope it goes as well as cooking this mother-of-all-Hot-Pockets. Muchas thanks to Dani for sending me a mouth-watering recipe for a stuffed/braided breakfast loaf of love. For this one I kept it just to ham (black forest) and cheese (cheddar, smoked jack, and smoked pistachio shell cheddar).

Result: a Hot Pocket to be proud of!! At least, I sure was. I made this 3 times in almost as many days because it was so yummy there was never any left over for whoever was at work that night, never mind there being any left for my lunch the next day. I worked almost every day last week– in different and new places each day. One day found me on a field trip at the mall (really, oh darn), one day I mostly walked into and out of the copy room, and one day I helped with gardening practice– without even one blink of fear walking among students who maybe shouldn’t have sharp garden tools.

I also enjoyed some afternoon sun, escorting Maty around downtown Salem with Emily; which you might call one of his favorite things, with two of his favorite people. We stopped at Great Harvest for some bread, another of his favorite things. Someone even gave him a piece of bread as a treat– with butter on it! Maty was so full of glee, he was hopping around yelping with joy. A pair of co-workers going back to their office after lunch passed by, and the woman said “Oh he’s so happy!! He thinks he’s a dolphin!”

A few blocks later we passed this sign

and just to be safe, we took Maty half-dog-half-dolphin home before someone tried to purchase him at discount.

Speaking of purchasing things affordably, you might have heard that Mother’s Day is approaching. You can find the perfect card for your mum in my Etsy shop. Or if not, you tell me and I will PUT the perfect card for your mum in my Etsy shop.

Speaking of Etsy and Moms, check out my Mom’s beautiful quilts. I just think it’s important to look at bright colors regularly.

Thanks for checking in! Happy Easter, and I wish you many blessings. I have pictures from cooking, stories from teaching, and other silliness to come in the next posts. Give yourself a hug, and have a cup of coffee for me.


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  1. Elision said,

    April 27, 2011 at 6:48 am

    These pictures are all great. I especially love the cheese… HUNGRY!! 🙂

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