Oh hi! It’s Saturday!

This is Buttercup. She’s here to say Hi, and give you snuggles.

I’ve gotten a long-term substituting gig, a one-on-one job with a high school student. Not a place where my legendary mad libs will be useful. Luckily we still got some good old first-day-of-school-worksheet puzzles. It was a series of thumbnail pictures  drawn to suggest to you the name of places in Oregon. For example, a picture of two nuns = Sisters. A boulder with a smiley face = Gladstone. An unidentifiable mammal with half an ear missing =  Irrigon.

All knee-slappers, I know.

Like everyone else, I was puzzled by one picture of what appeared to be just a fat black lightning bolt. A couple people were able to (eventually) convince us that there’s a place in Oregon called Zig Zag.

Sure enough. Zig Zag.

My best guess was The Gorge. But THE best guest was from some kid who suggested “Crackamas,” and I’ve fully adopted it. If “Clackamas” wasn’t a strange enough name for you… I’ll be going to Crackamas Community College (hehehe) today. I’ve been there all week, supervising my student taking a mechanics class. The campus is nice, and they have really beautiful murals in all their buildings. They could have done better in the athletics building though, the signage was just a bit off. Painted with school colors, in 8-inch letters: LOCKEROOM.*

I caught a whiff of roses this morning, while in the upstairs bathroom. I looked around to see if I’d spilled my River Organics rose soap, (so good! luckily, I hadn’t) and finally realized the floral smell was coming from the open window! These hyacinths (the first thing to blossom last spring, too) are really heady, too.

You can see I nailed the cheesy/crusty aspect.

I made some stellar enchiladas last night. Everything was from scratch except the tortillas, it was quite an undertaking. They had shredded chicken, and rice I sauteed with Anaheim and bell peppers and garlic (Josh called them fried-rice-aladas). The sauce was great, really heavy on chili powder, Cayenne, and paprika.

I’ve started my next Beginning series of Poi lessons. I’ve recently constructed the most softest friendliest practice Poi ever, and they were used by a student today for the first time! Just as I planned, no injuries, no bruises. I’ll be having another 2-hour weekend workshop on the 16th, and I’ll be performing at Saqra Showcase in a few short weeks.

Busy busy. Thanks for checking in with me! Happy springtime!

*In a related theme, there’s a movie theater nearby that is currently showing “Insiduous.”



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  1. Elision said,

    April 2, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Mmm, enchiladas… looks so good.

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