And if you can’t kick Kobe, please pop Pau

It may be blustery and gray this morning, but yesterday was lovely. Sheelah, Susan, and myself brought out our coin belts, poi, staves, and hips to play in the sun. We were also doing preparatory work for the next event at Sheelah’s Studio, the OPEN HOUSE. It’s kind of a big deal. 😉

Next Saturday,  March 26th, our doors will be open all afternoon and evening so that you and all your dancing friends can come explore the studio, play with the veils, and take advantage of FREE MINI LESSONS so you can shake things you didn’t even know you had.

Our roster of instructors has been growing, in addition to Belly Dance with Sheelah, Poi with K’ahi, you can try Tahitian Hula with Delana, Zumba with Leslie, Hoop Dancing with Heather, and Bollywood with Sushmita!

Doors open at 2:00 pm, and you have SEVEN opportunities for mini lessons. Excuse me, for FREE mini lessons. We will also have raffles, discounts on apparel, nosh from MaLai Thai and Bakery Bites, and a kickin’ ass time.

More info and specific times for lessons can all be found at the studio’s homepage.

I, like so many other students and relieved teachers, am on spring break. I’ve filled this time with dance (clearly), art (etsy merch on sale!), and basketball. If any of you see Kobe Bryant today, kindly kick him in the kneecaps. I’d prefer he not get in the way of the Blazers this evening. I’d also prefer he lose his kneecaps.

The front flower bed is full of green spikey iris leaves, and amongst them you can see a couple purple and white crocuses, a handful of mini daffodils, and the asparagus-ish buds of hyacinths. I saw some overenthusiastic tulips in a neighbor’s yard, top-heavy cup-shaped flowers reeeeeally need to wait until the rain goes away before blooming. They’re flopped over like St. Patrick’s Day drunks.

Oh, Hi. I see you're making greeting cards. About that ribbon...

In completely unrelated business, a couple moments from the classroom. You could file it under “Kids Say the Darndest Things” or under “Would Someone Kindly Turn the TV Off?” You can use the mute button when commercials come on TV, but there’s no remote control for children. Commercials have expanded their media from print and video to “mouths of babes,” and it’s this way that two products have come to my attention while I’m minding my own business at work. “What are those red spots on your face, Ms. Pip?” Well, they’re zits honey, you’ll understand when you’re older. “You know, Proactiv can clear that up for you.” Ok, back to counting pennies. “It will even get rid of it on your back!” Sigh. You can’t even see my back, kid, go back to finger painting.

My favorite though, was the small group of 4th graders who knowingly told me how Prilosec OTC is really good to take “when you have a heartburn.” It was a bummer, one of the kids had “a heartburn” while we were doing mad libs. I didn’t correct any of them, I thought it was so cute. A heartburn.


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