I’ll safely say I can never anticipate what a work week will include

I start with this picture today to show you that Matilda does not approve of my blog-laziness this week, I am very aware of how absent I have been and no need to send me hate mail because she’s punishing me on your behalf by knocking everything I own off of tables.

Ok, she probably doesn’t care about my blog, but she does care that I’ve spent all week with small creatures other than her. She is a jealous little fluffy sometimes.

Another chapter of Tales from Public Schoolin’.

I had a second grade boy who had his first loose tooth, it was barely hanging on. Naturally this is more exciting than our math worksheets, so a fair chunk of our time was spent on his situation. One kid encouraged him like the best little cheerleader, “Just grab it and pull it! Just grab it! Be a man! I’ve been pulling my teeth since I was 7!” In the middle of this, I gave a small physics lesson because another student suggested using a pencil as a lever– he just didn’t know the word for lever.

Eventually he’d poked at it enough he needed a kleenex for it because it started to bleed a little. We went back to counting nickles and dimes, and when I looked at him next, he was smiling proudly (if crookedly) because he’d stuffed the tissue in his cheek– “Now I don’t have to hold it!” he said. He thought a moment longer and noted “It’s kind of refreshing, actually.” Do yourself a favor and say that out loud, with one cheek full of tissue or your breakfast or whatever. Is kina we-wess-ing.

Ralph Wiggum and Russell from Up are here today not because I’ve gotten blog sponsorship by Disney or Apple (it’s just coincidence) but because I have met both of these kids in real life, in Oregon City. Real-Ralph does know something though, and that is the lesson of the Bossy E in pronouncing words. Every time he encountered a word ending in e he announced it–like he was looking for Easter eggs. Real-Russell loves giraffes and guinea pigs, and he can’t say his r‘s yet. I often say silly things just to hear him say “Weally?”

Meanwhile, in the grown-up world…

The spacing of walls at the 100th Monkey Studio made it difficult to take pictures without intruding on conversations or appearing like paparazzi snapping shots of strangers. No, not you guys, I mean that sculpture behind you…

Maybe I’m silly, but I got excited to see my name displayed on the entry wall. I haven’t seen my name on a wall since elementary school. Not even in my small career at Willamette University Theatre did I get my name on the wall. Even when I’m substituting, I just write up Ms. Pip. One kid just calls me Pip now and I think it’s hilarious.

Thanks for reading, happy weekend!



  1. Diane said,

    April 2, 2012 at 11:55 am

    ““Just grab it and pull it! Just grab it! Be a man! I’ve been pulling my teeth since I was 7!”


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