Now I want to see a short bus full of 100 monkeys.

Number 1 News: I have a painting on display in public for the FIRST TIME, as part of a group art show at the 100th Monkey Studio. I am thrilled, and the show is opening tonight. I am really interested in seeing the art from the other contributors, and to see how my painting fits among them.

This art show is the studio’s 5th Annual art show
featuring the art of Creative Arts Therapists.
March is Creative Art Therapy month nationwide.
Creative arts therapies have been practiced
in the United States for over 50 years to benefit people of all ages
and various physical and emotional life challenges.
This practice emphasizes the process of self-awareness that takes place
during therapy and includes art therapy,
dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy,
poetry therapy, and psychodrama.

When I drove to the studio to deliver my painting, I had a peculiar drive in our Peculiar PDX. As I approached the freeway entrance ramp, I saw a man crossing the street in my direction. He was in the blackest black suit, wearing the blackest black fedora with a blood red sash, holding a black-ety-black umbrella straight up with such precision it looked mechanical. He was accessorized with a red tie and red gloves. He walked steadily and straight as an arrow, diagonally across the street and the entrance ramp, without so much as looking up or down the street. So eerie, so strange. I have concluded that I witnessed a glitch in The Matrix. Or that I live in Portland.

I wish I could put a bird on his umbrella. Then he’d be performance art.

Mere minutes later when I pulled up to a bottleneck situation on the Morrison Bridge. When the hazard lights came into view, I could see the hold up was caused by a school bus who had pulled as far out of the lane as possible, but it still reduced the Northbound I-5 traffic into one and a half lanes. Tough place for a bus to break down. It wasn’t until I was passing it that I realized it was a short bus! There’s no good place for a short bus to break down.*

Sadly, it was not this bus.

Wish I could put a bird on it, then it would be public art.

I will shortly have pictures to share from the gallery, and I have some thoughts to share that have been forming in the week that I spent substituting in a high school Biology class. One big difference between high schoolers and the shorter ones is that high school students get excited to talk about coffee, tattoos, and my pearls of wisdom on the parenting habits of kangaroos and the evolutionary connections between wolves and whales.

That’s what you have to look forward to! Happy Friday, I hope your weekend is better than the weather around here. I had a daisy bloom in my kitchen window pot, just in time for several days of snow. It was a very confused daisy.

*There were no kids left on the bus, but for comedic purposes let’s envision the students eating the seats.


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